We Are Not Ready To Face Covid-20

As one of the insignificant members of the scientific community, I am very sad to see the fact how vulnerable humans on earth are to Covid-19. Sadly, seeing the fact that this pandemic is actually far more powerful in countries that have advanced scientific and technological developments and have more prosperous economic levels.

The answer, this shows that we are not ready to face a newer version than Covid-19, which is either Covid-20 or Covid-21 and so on. Why is that? Because it looks from the way we apply the concept of “lockdown” blindly, it shows that we forget that after this corona-19 virus, like its predecessors is not going to die out, but will mutate into a new form.

So, stop using the improper “lockdown” technique, which is to close a city that is “polluted”. Because, the “lockdown” technique is only suitable for us to do four months ago, when Covid-19 was only in one area and not yet become an epidemic and a pandemic.

In short, we can only be said to be ready to face Covid-20, or whatever the new form of Covid-19 is, if we do the concept of “lockdown” in an area that is the place of origin of Covid-20. Conversely, doing a “lockdown” too late in an area where there are already many people who have been attacked by Covid-19, is tantamount to locking up a thousand mice in a cage, even though there are one or two mice that have a disease that can be transmitted between mice.

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