The Existence of the Universe and the “existing world” Doomsday Theory

Sigit haryadi, 22/06/2019

0. The Postulate

“Everything in the universe, including the universe itself can  exist if it contains the Harmony, and everything that has lost or has not continued has the Harmony will change or join with something else in its new form or new group that has the Harmony; Since there are still many things in the present universe that do not have the Harmony, then the universe itself will change as the future universe, which in its entirety has the Harmony; The three most dominant forms of the Harmony that determine the existence of the universe are the human soul, the equilibrium, and the justice; The four elements of the universe are the dimensions of time, the dimensions of space, objects, and waves”.

1. Various forms of the Harmony

The most important form of harmony is the human soul, where a human can exist only if there is a soul in his body, and a human will not exist if his soul has left his body and never returns.

The second form of Harmony is the Equilibrium, which we can see every day from the movement of the moon circling the earth or the movement of the moon and earth that moves around the sun carried out continuously so that there is a balance of physical forces between the moon, earth and sun which causes they still exist.

Another example on the micro scale that explains that the equilibrium as a form of the Harmony is the attraction of protons in an atomic nucleus of electrons and resistive repulsive forces between electrons in balance by the presence of the electromagnetic force. An example in economics is the need for the equilibrium between demand and supply in the market so that the existence of the market goes well.

The harmony which is quite complete seen in the life sciences, for example in the life of the ant community.

There are so many examples and facts in all science that explain that “the equilibrium” or “the balance” is the harmony for the existence of everything in the universe.

The third form of Harmony is “the Justice” which I define as “an unbalanced balancer”, where examples are very easily seen in social sciences, for example are liberation of slaves, the flow of selfless funds from the rich to the poor, and giving love from adults to orphans.

An example in physics is the existence of the Justice between nuclear force and electromagnetic force at the atomic nucleus, where the protons and neutrons in the nucleus are attracted to each other by a different force, which is stronger than the electromagnetic force repelling the positively charged protons from one another.

2. The Present and Future Universe

The first forming element of the universe is a dimension of time, so that after there is a dimension of time, the terms “past”, “present”, “future”, and “how long” can be applied. However, the terms relating to the dimension of time cannot be applied to the Creator of the universe, for example the word “how long” which is commonly applied to the universe and all its contents will be answered as “instantaneous” if applied to the creator of the universe.

The second forming element of the universe is the dimension of space, so that after there is a dimension of space, the terms “where”, “move”, “place” and so on are known. However, the terms relating to the dimensions of space cannot be applied to the Creator of the universe, for example the word “where” which is commonly applied to the universe and all its contents will be answered “close” if applied to the creator of the universe.

The third and fourth elements are objects and waves, where after there are exist, then appear the fifth elements in the form of “the energy”.

Of the four elements that make up the universe and energy then proceed to form the celestial objects in the universe, such as the earth, moon, sun, planets, stars and spaces between them, which then proceed to proceed to their final form, the Future Universe which all elements have the harmony.

We, the modern human beings, are living at a time when the universe is still processing and has not yet finished becoming its final form. At this time in the universe, there are still many elements or groups of elements in the earth and the universe that have not yet reached the harmony and are constantly moving to pursue the harmony, unfortunately this effort result in the destruction of the harmony around it, for example movements of the crust that cause earthquakes and tsunami, and the transfer of air collected into hurricanes. These are just two examples of events in the present universe that will not occur again in the future universe. In addition, the earth is too small to be occupied by all human souls simultaneously, in contrast to that, the location of the placement of the human soul in the future universe is as wide as the dimensions of the space of this universe.

Unfortunately, it turns out that in his life in the human community with the surrounding environment, only a few are able to maintain the harmony, and many humans do the opposite of the harmony in the form beings are cheat and evil.

As a result, the human souls in the future universe will be separated from living in different bodies in different locations, a just and the good human soul will occupy the body and a location that is not the same as the body and location of an evil and fraudulent human soul.

Humans who live in the present universe have been able to do the justice will occupy a body that has the harmony so that a balance between soul and body takes place indefinitely, besides that the place of residence has all the elements that have harmony so that they will live within in a very long time or in the eternal life. While cheat and evil humans when living in the present universe have lost the element of the harmony, and in life in the future universe will live occupying a body that is not harmonious in a place that does not have the harmony, therefore these cheating and evil souls will experience what he experiences now is repeatedly, namely life-death-life-death and so on, or in other words being in a situation not alive and not dead.

Next: sequence of the formation of the universe

June 25, 2019

There are three periods of formation of the universe consisting of the Zero Period (Preparation for the formation of a universe consisting of two stages), the Current Period (the formation of the present universe consisting of six stages) and the Future Period (formation of the future universe consisting of three stages)

  • Zero Period is the preparation period for the creation of the universe, where the harmony has not been involved in the universe, so that everything in it is “not alive”, which consists of:

Stage 1: creation of dimensions of space and time

Stage 2: creation of objects and waves

  • the Current Period: Gradually the harmony begins to be involved in the formation of the present universe, where the human soul is the most important type of harmony entering the universe at the end of the present universe.

Stage 1: on earth began to form energy and physical forces, among others in the form of movement of objects, electromagnetic force, nuclear force, and so forth.

Stage 2: on earth the atoms and molecules are formed

Stage 3: on earth formed layers of the earth’s crust and layers of the atmosphere in the sky of the earth, and on the surface mountains and oceans began to form.

Stage 4: on earth the harmony that takes the form of life lives in plants and animals is included.

Stage 5: In the sky the element of harmony begins to be included in the form of the equilibrium between the forces of physics.

Stage 6 in the sky: the formation of celestial bodies is formed, namely galaxies and constellations with dynamic distances between them.

  • the Future period It is the period of formation of the future universe, whereas a whole in the universe will contain the perfect harmony, which consists of:

Stage one: destruction of the present universe

Stage two: the creation of the future universe which consists of two parts, the first is that all of its contents have a perfect level of harmony so that it will be eternal in the universe and its inhabitants, and the second part which has bad qualities as contained in the present harmony so not eternal and the inhabitants will continue to experience the process of life-death-death-death and so on.

Stage three: the creation of the body to settle the human soul which is grouped into two types and placed in two parts of the future universe.

new things from this paper (July 5, 2019)

  1. Big Bang is not the beginning but the end of the universe that we now occupy is the process of destroying the present universe and the beginning of the formation of the future universe.
  2. human souls that always live are the reason for the creation of the universe.