Singapore and Qatar, Two of the Best Countries Overcoming Covid-19

The title of this article will probably surprise the reader, because the positive case of covid-19 in Singapore (37,527 people on 7 June 2020) and Qatar (67,195 people on the same date) are among the very high. However, I want you to realize a far more important fact, that is compared to the average number of deaths per case in the world (currently at 5.9%), Singapore and Qatar have a much smaller number, which is about one hundredth of the world level (Singapore 0.0666% and Qatar 0.07%).

In fact, if we pay attention to the very small mortality rate in Singapore (as of this writing, there are only 25 deaths) and Qatar (only 51), then a positive co-19 person who is likely to die in the two countries is caused by something else instead because of this virus. Or in other words, in the two countries, there could be said that there were no deaths directly caused by covid-19. In short, Singapore and Qatar have succeeded in making the co-19 pandemic as a harmless disease.

Finally, I would like to encourage every institution in charge of handling the Covid-19 pandemic in each country in order to pay more attention to efforts to reduce the death rate of Covid-19. Then, if in each period there is a decrease of deaths per case, it can be said that the effort to handle this pandemic has begun to succeed.

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