This calculator proposes the insight that the performance of a network depends on the Resource Allocation Fairness level. In the observed network, the 5G Ultra Dense Cellular Network with a single gateway, a macro cell consists of dozens of ENBs (= E Node B) and a single gateway. When there is the large variation in the traffic of each ENB in a macro cell there will be the high-performance loss. In order to maintain the network performance, a new formula to calculate an index which is called Harmony-in-Gradation Index is proposed.

The index plays important role in determining the network performance. The main idea of resource allocation method with implementing the new formula is to maintain the ratio of an ENB traffic to its backhaul link capacity allocated by the gateway of each ENB in a macro cell to have a value that is in proximity to each other. This method is believed to be able to maintain a good network performance.
How to use calculators: 1. Input the number of ENB on a macro-cell 5G cellular network; 2. Enter the traffic and the link capacity of the ENB gateway from each ENB; 3. Click CALCULATE, then you get a network performance index using the queueing data as a performance parameter with the reference that the index is the same as the one which shows the optimum condition.


ENodeB Traffic ENodeB Link Capacity

Calculation Result:

The Number of ENodeB (N):
Harmony in Gradation Index:
Performance Optimization Index:

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