New Theory: Linear Regression without Intercept

Picture idea (25/11/2018):

This calculator is compiled based on a Harmony in Gradation formula. It is used when we are confident that the regression equation does not have an intercept, which means the dependent variable is zero when the independent variable is zero.
Correlation index between variables and the level of confidence of the regression equation is calculated using the Harmony in Gradation formula, where the results remain accurate for any sample population (sample> = 2).

Procedure: 0. You have to be sure that the regression equation is SHOULD go through the point (0,0); 1. Enter N = sample size, then press ENTER; 2. Fill in the independent variable (X) and the dependent variable (Y), BUT DO NOT enter the point (x, y) = (0,0); 3. You will get a linear regression equation, which is equipped with a correlation index between Y and X, and get the confidence level of the regression equation.

Y (Dependent Variable)X (Independent Variable)

Calculation Result:

The Sample Population (N):
Non Intercept Linear Regression (in quadrant 1):
Correlation Index between Y and X:
Level of Confidence of the Linear regression: