Sigit Haryadi
19th December 2018

This is the 15th internet calculator on my blog Harmony in Gradation: the Formula for Everything which simultaneously has the Harmony and the Gradation elements so it is one hundred percent correct. In order to understand this statement, take a look at this website’s homepage.
Using my formula, you are NOT required to have a minimum sample population. But, regardless of the population, I guarantee that the calculation results are one hundred percent correct. So, I hope that you will leave the existing formulas to calculate the confidence level of regression because besides being only half-correct, they also require a minimum sample population.
Here, you are assumed to have a measurement sample that has a population of N in the form of two random variables Y and X, then you already have a linear regression that has an intercept (= a) and slope (b). And, you want to calculate the level of confidence or how confident you are with the regression using the Harmony in Gradation formula. The procedure is that you are should fill in the sample population (= N), then, after the field is available that matches with your sample population, then you enter the absolute value of the dependent value minus the intercept (= |Yi – a| and the absolute value of slope multiplied by the independent value (= |b*Xi| in each column provided, then enter CALCULATE.

|Yi – Intercept||slope * Xi|

Calculation Result:

The Sample Population (N):
Level of Confidence: