It Is Impossible There Is No Virus In Your Body

We’re talking about the virus that caused this pandemic!!!
A single virus is not a living thing, so its existence will have absolutely no effect on your body.
The virus community, especially if there are consists of thousands of viruses are the living things. Then, maybe it will affect your body.
However, you don’t need to be too afraid since your body has the ability to overcome the virus community that enters your body.
What you need to pay attention to is the bad experiences with your health in the past, including those who haven’t had a recurrence for the past few decades!
One of the most important things is that most likely you know better than other people about your diseases and how to treat it in the past. So, don’t hesitate to use your traditional methods which have often been proven to be able to cure your illnesses in the past. For example, using blood-boosting drugs or supplements when you have anemia, or using the abdominal respiratory system when you feel short of breath etc.

Finally, after a year has passed during this pandemic period, it is IMPOSSIBLE that you never be caught by the virus that causes this pandemic. It’s just that, maybe you don’t feel it because the virus community that has entered your body is not yet a living being. Or, maybe the virus community has caused a little disturbance in your body which you don’t feel, or you have been able to handle it yourself using the personal way.

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