How to Beat Covid-19 According to Ancient Fairy Tales Theory

Covid-19 will not be able to be defeated by human science on earth and will only be defeated by alien science. That is, the essence of the story of an ancient folk legend entitled Gog and Magog or Yajuj and Majuj.

Once upon a time, one day in the past there lived Gog and Magog or Yajuj and Majuj who damaged and defeated earth creatures in a remote area, then came a powerful and holy saint who helped the population in the area by isolating the evil creature in a hole in the ground covered with iron plates that thick. However, when they were living in the hole, the creature had become more powerful and were waiting for an opportunity to escape from their cages according to God’s promise that they would be released when the end of the world was almost there. Then, when the time comes, the evil creature is released from its prison, then spreads throughout the earth and destroys the earth’s social life, so that the earth human lose their mobility and are forced to shut themselves in caves in the mountains. Fortunately, the ancient story ended happily, where, when the evil creatures that numbered nearly a thousand of Earth people felt they were able to defeat and dominate earth humans, then they began to challenge the inhabitants of sky. However, when the inhabitants of the sky began to feel disturbed by Gog and Magog or Yajuj and Majuj, then they sent an alien army to come down to earth and eradicate these evil creatures.

So, referring to the ancient story, the only way for humans on earth to defeat Gog and Magog is to use alien science. And, I am among those who believe in this idea (that only alien science can defeat covid-19), where since 2016 I have begun compiling Harmony in Gradation which aims to perfect the inaccurate sciences on earth, where I believe that all the physical sciences, biological sciences, and social sciences developed by humans on earth during the last hundreds are not accurate at all. Unfortunately, I am an ordinary human, not an alien, so I am not capable of defeating Covid-19. Who is it, then? End of story, if one day covid-19 can be overcome 100%, then in fact, it has happened because aliens who came down to earth to teach someone or a group of people an effective way to deal with the virus. Who knows?

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