Calculation of Fairness over Inequality

The method uses Harmony in Gradation formula to assess how fair an action or a policy has worked. The assumption used is that although there is an imbalance on an affected variable, X, then the level of fairness of the action or policy against the affecting variable X expressed by variable Y, is more fair, if the distribution of Y is more like the X distribution.

Procedure: (1) Fill in the sizes or groups of variable X (affected variable) = the sizes or groups of variable Y (affecting variable) then ENTER; (2) Fill X and Y data in the provided field; (3) You will get the index and level of the Fairness over Inequality.

Y (Affecting Variable)X (Affected Variable)

Calculation Result:

The Sizes or the Number of Groups of Variable (N):
Index of the Perfect Fairness over Inequality: