Does China Successfully Overcome Covid-19 by Using Harmony in Gradation Theory?

A few years ago, after finding the Haryadi Index formula, which after I began to realize that it would become a forerunner to compile theories that could perfect all kinds of science, then I called it as the Harmony in Gradation, I had estimated that my fate would only be as an inventor, and then other people will succeed to take advantage for their own interests and for the benefit of their own country.

Here, I want to report that a few months ago, which was around January – March 2020, this “crazy” website, suddenly visited every day by tens to over one hundred of Internet Protocol Addresses of Huawei Cloud, whereas usually only visited by less than ten Internet Protocol addresses which are spread across several countries every day. It should be noted, that an Internet Protocol address from an office might be used by dozens of people simultaneously.

So, with this I want to ask questions that I do not care about the answer, because as I have said, until this moment, against the background of my life environment, it seems that my fate is only as an inventor. The question is “Is the success of China overcomes Covid-19, is it because the experts in that country have succeeded in perfecting their research by utilizing my theory, the Harmony in Gradation??

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