Are we going to let the entire world population to be infected by Covid-19?

The problem of science and technology in terms of overcoming the co-19 pandemic is that there is no accurate information.

Nowadays, humans on earth face the serious problems caused by the absence of accurate information about the ways of transmission of Co-19 virus and how to effectively cure the disease it causes.

In adition, the information about the population that has been positively affected by covid-19 is very inaccurate due to the unavailability of an effective tester that is easily available to the entire population at the same time. Furthermore, without a simultaneous measurement process, it can cause anyone who someday has a negative test result, it is possible that tomorrow will be positively infected by the virus without realizing. So, the information about who has been positively infected by the virus is very useless. As a result, we cannot carry out the effective isolation of people who have been affected by the virus.

Finally, if the problems still occur, the pandemic will only end if all humans of the earth have been infected by the Co-19 virus, where most of them are without feeling symptoms of illness or feeling a little cold.

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